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She knew how to swear before she could walk.
She has a cyborg arm.
She once killed a really big spider when no one else was around.
She still thinks burps and farts are funny.
In her dreams she is cooler than everyone else and lives in a land of chocolate.
She is ... the most interesting artist on-
... f**k ... um ... just Nuisance, actually.
Well, it's been over half a year. I think that's the longest I've ever gone without updating this.

I've recently moved to a much more rural (kind of) setting. We had to leave our apartment with short notice due to the downstairs neighbor getting violent and smoking crack ... which drifted up into our apartment. There was no way on any earth I was going to expose a baby to crack smoke, so we left. (After repeatedly asking management to do something about it, which they would not because the guy is disabled and they get a tax break for keeping him there.) I kind of miss being closer to the big cities, and I kinda don't. Oh well. It is what it is.

I've been in a bit of an art funk lately. I just kind of *don't* anymore. I'm not sure if there is a better way to put it. I don't know what I want to draw, and am afraid to go with commissions because they may take forever and so on and so on. So I am taking suggestions.
1. This is not a chance to get free art of your characters from me, so don't ask.
2. If there is a character of mine you miss seeing, now would be a good time to bring it up.
3. I could do "a fanart", but please bear in mind that I am 33, and not a big fan of anime. There is a slim chance I've seen it, but I wouldn't count on it. I'm not in the mood to do a lot of research. 
(Yes, I know it's lame to put requirements on this kind of thing, but then I'm kind of lame. I have to go with what I know, right?)

I'm also going to be cleaning out my gallery soon. I'm not gonna' lie, a lot of Boiler Tour stuff is going to go. This is without prejudice, of course. It's just old and I don't feel like it represents me as an artist much anymore. If you have a character picture in it and would like an emailed copy (and don't have one already), please let me know. Just because it's not here doesn't mean you shouldn't get to see it if you like. (I may have made the image, but they're your brain-babies!)

So that's about it. I'm a bit flatlined here, but I hope you are all as well and happy as you very-well deserve!

Commission Information

All commissions will be evaluated on an individual basis. I will provide you with a few "sample prices", so you have an idea. All of these can vary based on how complicated the subject is. They can range from a $15 sketch to a $100 multiple character piece with a complicated background and detailed clothing.

The prices listed below are for non-commercial work. If you plan to publish my art, are going to use it for monetary gain, or want to take my signature out, then the prices *do* go up. (Note that I can and will do commercial work, that just requires a contract and all that stuff.)

Bust portraits for $25:
Dulcinee in Pink by NuisanceBearEull Maro Varrus La'Raan by NuisanceBearEull Arthur by NuisanceBearEull

I'll draw your pet (price varies depending on pet):
The Longest Angel by NuisanceBearEull Boy and Dog by NuisanceBearEull Lisa Gets Frenched by NuisanceBearEull
(I know I only have dogs here, but I can do others)

Guppii le Fish by NuisanceBearEull Rin Aldoni by NuisanceBearEull Malcolm Maldives by NuisanceBearEull
One character, simple costume, simple background: $35-40 (depending)

Sanet de Anuvar by NuisanceBearEull Vida Khorasani by NuisanceBearEull Lindsey de Villiers by NuisanceBearEull
One character, complicated costume, simple background: $55-70

Mo Within a Dream by NuisanceBearEull
Complicated background will, in a case like this one, more than double the price.

Heart's Depth by NuisanceBearEull Dark Lovers by NuisanceBearEull
More than one character? Add $10 *at least*, per character.

:star: I reserve the right to add cost due to complicated character. Elf ears, wings, horns, tattoos, feathers, fancy hair/clothes, all black characters (this isn't a matter of ethnicity, but a matter of the actual color black) ... all of that takes time. The prices above are base prices assuming there is nothing extra.

:bulletred: Please note that if you want me to make prints, the price will go up according to the quality, quantity and size of the prints and you will also be expected to pay shipping costs (especially outside of the USA). It's a pain in the ass, I know, but it's expensive to mail things in this country.

There are a few things I don't do!
Nudity (Call me a prude if you like. I am, and I'm okay with that. Just because it's naked, doesn't mean it's art.)

Any couples must be clothed (mostly)!! (A little romance is fine ... but romance is more than a naked couple petting one another. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!)

Overly sexualized characters. Example: A female character with exaggerated boobs who walks around/goes about her daily business in a bikini. *OR* A Male character whose character description would consist of his sexual conquests and can't seem to keep it in his pants. There is a time and place for those kinds of characters, and they do have their merits ... but I just don't like them and don't find them of interest.

You must provide me with links to your reference material (if any). It gets very frustrating having to go through someone's gallery over and over again trying to find the same picture or having to hunt for the right character.

Bottom line is this: I have the right to say "no" to the ones I really don't want to do or ideas I don't find interesting.

:bulletgreen: I will do a "sketch" for approval before adding color, that will be emailed to you. I will not continue until I hear back.

:bulletgreen: I will need payment before I begin. If you aren't happy with the sketches (I will do three), you will be refunded.

:bulletgreen: I will accept money through PayPal only.

:bulletgreen: I will get to them in a timely fashion. I have a compulsion to draw my own thing sometimes ... it's good practice for your work!

:bulletgreen: You will be emailed a digital copy of the piece for your own use. (You may *not* crop or shop out my signature!)

Other things you should know:

:bulletred: If you do not tell me about a certain requirement or give me the references needed, I cannot be held responsible for that information. If you neglect to tell me about a huge tattoo on someone's arm and then remember it after I have started, then you may pay me extra for the addition (because I take great care with those) or I can finish it without. If your character only wears a certain kind of hairstyle or color, I need to be told that, too. No information is too much ... except a full recount of their sexual history. I've been given that before and I neither need nor want it.

If you say "use your creativity/imagination", I will within the bounds of the reference I am given. No fair making me do extra work because you didn't provide me with all the relevant information or because you decide to change things when I am halfway through. I need these to be as drama-free as possible.

:bulletred: If the commission needs to be approved by more than one person, I need contact information from everyone involved. I will not get started before I have it. It cuts down on approval time and I can ask the other person if there is anything else they would like me to know.

:bulletred: Style is style. I tend to draw rounder more Western-style figures. And I assume, if you are asking me to draw something, that you are aware of this and want to see said characters(s) in this style. But I cannot be asked to emulate a style that isn't mine. There is also no power on this planet that can magically turn my style into Manga/Anime. The two are highly incompatible. I can work with a character in this style, but it will look like something I have done in the end. So if I draw a character, they will have a place for all their internal organs and their limbs will be more or less the correct proportions ... as will their eyes. Don't be upset if the character comes out looking a bit heavier than they are in a manga or anime style. I'm not fattening them up. I'm representing this character in my own style.

:star: Contact me by NOTE for commission,not my front page!:star:


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