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April 22, 2013
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Dare - Jinnar by NuisanceBearEull Dare - Jinnar by NuisanceBearEull
*Pardon my inability to do what I am supposed to be doing. This pulled me out of the art block I had. Things should progress as planned from now on.*

Even though I apologized for not getting things done, I'm not sorry for this. Not at all. Is it the bestest most wonderfull thing ever? No. But for me, it's good enough. For now. I was in the middle of a really nasty art-block. The kind that sort of drains your soul a little. I just couldn't manage to complete anything. So I went back and found an old sketch. It turned into this. It was more of a technical piece than anything else. Trying new things and experimenting with others.

I want to take a sec to thank you all for your *massively* supportive comments. It really did help just to talk about it.

I especially want to thank :iconpharold: and :iconkpelto-illustration: for their notes.

By the way, :iconkpelto-illustration: is new around here and hasn't been recognized nearly as much as she deserves. Do yourself a favor and go check her out.

This is April's Alien of the month. The Jinnar

* * * * *

Species Information:

Homeworld: Jinnar Minor
The world is less a planet than it is a liveship. It's been in orbit around Wegon for so long that no one remembers it not being there. It's technically classified as a moon now, and is about the size of Jupiter's moon Callisto. It has it's own atmosphere, climates ranging from snowy poles to tropics around the middle, and it's own weather system. It once looked like a ship, but it's been "planetized" and the casual observer would never know the difference.

Size: 5'5"- 6'10"

Intelligence: Roughly human equivalent.
The current Jinnar population is composed of the descendants of Jinnar Major's (planet was demolished tens of thousands of years ago) best and brightest. Of course, having great ancestors doesn't guarantee a great population. There are some who fall short of their genetic precursors, but on whole, they tend to be very bright and fast learners.

Language: Hassan (though they are learning other languages very quickly)
Hassan has certain structure and sound reminiscent of Swahili. None of the words are even a close translation, though. One should not be mistaken for the other. They also have a wide range of other sounds, from chirps to growls, and even a low pitched slow purr when they're happy. Sometimes the noises are involuntary. They are used most often to describe an individual's mood and emotion.

Lifespan: No one is sure.
They have been a very closed species (only one has ever left Jinnar Minor), until recently.

Temperament :
Of course, all individuals are different. But in general, the Jinnar are friendly, intelligent, and sensitive. As a whole, they tend to be introverted and shy. They will not often start a conversation and have to be asked for their opinion, but they are more than happy to finish a conversation and explain their point of view at length once they are comfortable. Many have not had a lot of experience with other species. This doesn't make them hesitant or scared, but rather afraid they will make fools of themselves. Approaching a Jinnar as a friend, even though they are a stranger, will make things easier for everyone. The have a strict policy of seeing everyone as a friend until proven otherwise. They just want to get along and be happy, and want everyone else to have these things, too.

Social Structure
They are tribal by nature and each tribe tends to center around a mating pair. At any time, there are between 18-30 pairs on the planet who produce young. A pair will have between 50-80 babies. Their genetic structures randomizes sufficiently to avoid inbreeding. Only the first four are raised by their birth parents. The rest are sent off and adopted in all the other tribes. Their definition of family has less to do with genetics and more to do with trust, respect, and living proximity. (It's more complicated than that, but there isn't time and space to describe it here.)

At the height of the Terrian Empire (>100,000 years ago), the Jinnar, then on Jinnar Major and other small planets, were the only known civilization in the galaxy capable of holding their own against the Terrians. Both races decided a distance and peace treaty would better suit their needs. The majority of the Jinnar, those living on Jinnar Major, were killed when their planet was destroyed by the inhabitants of Jinnar Minor. It was a result of some internal conflict. The details are buried in history. What little we do know indicates that the scientists, philosophers, and greatest minds of their time were put onto Jinnar Minor as a punishment for some sort of civil crime (details unknown). The explosion that took down the planet was caused by a small guided missile hitting a larger system of nuclear stockpiles. In essence, their own weapons, brightest minds, and laws were their demise.

The Jinnar we know today, the last of their people, traveled through the galaxy and came to rest in orbit around the planet that would later be known as Wegon. They then activated the inner systems of Jinnar Minor and, to make a long process short, terraformed the outside of their giant ship with the contents of the center. By the time the Terrian ancestors of the Slee-Sha and the Isepians came to the planet system, the transformation was already complete.

They are considered a post-tech species. That means they already went through a technological renaissance and decided to go back to a much earlier technological state. They no longer use computers except when they need to access the inner workings of the liveship. There are even some inhabited places without electricity. When asked why they live this way, when they could clearly have more, they've said: "We didn't like the people we were when we had all of that. We were rude, disconnected, apathetic, and lacked compassion for one another. Sure, our lives were easier, but we were no longer proud of ourselves. We're happier, and better, this way."

In the very recent past there was a cataclysmic failure in the liveship power core that cause large chain-linked eruptions on the surface. It was estimated that one in 15 Jinnar died. The ship is stable for now, but the entire population plans to move to Jinnar station once it is completed.

Previously mentioned Jinnar: (The art is old. You've been warned.)
Taiossu Suricasti

Kimbe Suricasti (Taiossu's first son)

The Jinnar pictured above is Dare (dar-ee) Suricasti, former lifemate to Kimbe. He died/was lost in the previously mentioned Failure.

Characters, art and story (C) *NuisanceBearEull
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-05-04
Dare - Jinnar by *NuisanceBearEull has such a beautiful feel of movement and flow. Great details and fantastic colors really bring you into this piece! ( Featured by KovoWolf )
OneEyedCanine Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014   Traditional Artist
The amount of detail you put into these bios is AMAZING. 
So much so that I felt the need to put that in all caps. 
Reffering to how you said that the birth parents only raise the first 4 born and give the rest to other tribes, is there no possessiveness over the child what so ever? The only reason I ask is because if anyone suggested that I give my hypothetical child to another family to raise, I would probably attack them. 

Also, the amount of detail you put into this is amazing. I love the small pieces of jewelry in his ears, and hair. I also really admire the design of his clothing. I love seeing unique cultural clothing concepts like that. 
guineapigisland Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
This is cool! The feet and tail are awesome. I wish I had a tail. :(
AngelicFlash Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will never lose my appreciation and awe of your attention to detail, in contrast to my slap-dash, lack of detail art. I love the lighting in this piece too!
Isyll--8 Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
Very nice *O*
TheGalleryOfEve Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations on your well-deserved DD!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconlainloveplz: :iconflyingheartsplz: :clap::clap::clap:
Anchaing Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
Real nice! :)
NORANIAN Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Like the free-man-on-the-tree concept..
Suez-H3 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
:) Good art. :D
Madvillan Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
That hair is glorious.
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Awesome :D
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